Affordable living? Think again. Popular TV shows featuring New York apartments give the impression that even those of modest means can afford to live in such places. But what would those TV settings sell for now?

  • I Love Lucy: Lucy & Ricky’s apartment featured a kitchen, living room and one bedroom, all for $125/mo. They could have bought the space for $150,000. Today, it would cost $900,000.
  • Mad Men: Don Draper bought a swanky uptown penthouse at 783 Park Avenue. In 1965, his purchase price was $55,000. Today, the value has increased to $8million.
  • Friends: The 2-bedroom apartment rented by the 20-somethings at 90 Bedford St. rented for $2,000/mo in 1996. Today, that figure has increased to $3,344/mo.
  • Girls: Hannah’s cramped Brooklyn apartment appears to be the kind of place a girl barely getting by could afford ataagmq. Her apartment would sell for $750,000 today.