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Past Buyer Comments

Past Seller Comments

"Your team was great to work with in all aspects. Dana is fantastic with her no-pressure approach. She wanted me, her client, to be happy more than making a sale. She was dedicated and committed all the way to closing. I would recommend Tupper’s Team and Dana to anyone!"

Justin Black

"Unlike my past experiences with Realtors whose primary motivation seemed to be to make a sale, I felt you were working to find me the house that truly met my needs and expectations. After the sale, you’ve made me feel welcome in the community."

Rick Mountain Park Estates

"We can’t say enough wonderful things about your team. With luck, we won’t be moving for a long time. But if and when we do, we’ll certainly call you."

Marilyn & Steve Conifer Mountain

"Being out of state clients, we always appreciated the availability of the staff response. Thanks!"

Jerry & Jan Central Evergreen

"We have bought 4 homes and sold 3, so we have lots of experience with Realtors. Tupper and his staff are the most efficient and friendly we have ever dealt with."

Steve & Linda Saddleback

"We saw 75 homes over 2 years and you always smiled and leveraged your extensive expertise in seeking out information, insight and answers. We were also impressed by your partners who stepped in when you weren’t available. There certainly seems to be a true team spirit among you all."

John & Maynil Lambert The Ridge @ Hiwan

"We went from pondering the idea of buying a place on Saturday to having you drive us around on Monday to having an offer accepted on Tuesday. That’s impressive in my book."

Mike & Jessica Kelzenberg Arvada

"You not only met my expectations, you exceeded them in your knowledgeable and quick responses to all my questions. I was impressed how you helped to keep me up to speed and on track."

Sheryl Sobota Silver Spruce Townhomes

"You were always upbeat and excited to show us properties, very flexible in meeting our hectic schedules to see homes. And you were knowledgeable when it came to the negotiating process!"

Deb Carbone Westminster

"From excellent communications to really caring about our preferences, your knowledge & skills were invaluable in our finding a home that met our needs and our budget."

Steve & Margaret Keller Kings Valley

"You responded to our questions and requests promptly, in detail and with patience. At all times, we were confident we were being ably represented in the process of buying our home."

Don & Elinore Quander Spring Ranch

"You made us feel like we were your most important clients. And your staff is first class, making us feel welcome and making things flow smoothly."

John & Sue Dunlop Myers Gulch Rd

"From the moment we met Alice Carmody we knew we were in good hands. Our Evergreen home quickly sold for full price and Alice helped us buy a townhome in Littleton. We found ourselves in a bidding war to buy our new home but Alice was three steps ahead and it was only because of her proactive approach and follow through that we were able to get the townhome we now own. We thank the entire Tupper’s Team for all their help."

Lisa & Scott Duncan

"Matt was considerate and very quick to respond to questions or concerns. Thanks!"

Don & Earlene DalPozzo

Dear Carrie-
Thanks so much for helping my family & I start our Colorado adventure. You’re a wonderful person that I have come to like very much.
~Maggie (daughter)

Dear Carrie-
I just want to say that for you to put so much effort in helping us find a house means so much to me and my family.
~Merin (daughter)

Dear Carrie-
What can I say? We couldn’t have tackled this monumental task without you! I know we will be happy in our new Evergreen home for years to come. We love you!
~Tara (daughter)

You did a wonderful job helping us find our dream home. Thank you for all your time and effort—I’m sure we will love living in such a beautiful spot. Looking forward to our continued friendship.”
~Marianne (mom)

I so appreciate all you’ve done. I could not have handled all the drama without you. Here’s hoping your next client is as special as you made me feel. xoxo
~Dan (dad)

"We heard that Tupper’s Team was the best in the area. We weren’t disappointed. Alice Carmody was amazing from start to finish and we got everything we wanted in our new home. We would highly recommend this group to anyone buying or selling in the mountain area."

Eric Zehnpfenning & Maria Insalata

"Matt is an outstanding Realtor who went to great lengths to help us through the entire home buying process. We were impressed with his market knowledge and his ability to listen. He helped us buy a home in a crazy market. And thanks also to Dana Bossert for stepping in at a critical time to help us write an offer."

Chris & Eriika DuRoss

"We could not be happier with Jennifer Trinco. We were like a deer in headlights when it came to buying a house and she got to know us, really listened to what we wanted and indulged all our ‘rookie’ questions. She knew Evergreen like the back of her hand, showed us houses without ever trying to sway our opinion and only pointed out things we needed to look for with the quality of the homes. She was crucial in the offer process and we’ve now moved into a fantastic home that we love."

Rob & Casey Bush

"Alice’s knowledge of the market, speed in responses, caring attitude and no-nonsense approach impressed me. She is amazing and all you'd hope for in a Realtor."

Cheryl Moeller

"Dear Matt: We can't thank you enough! This all really turned out great. We were able to cash out of our old house and turn that equity into the most amazing house. Each and every morning we wake up and still can't believe we live here. You made it fun too! Thanks for being so great to work with. We are so lucky! You have a new fan club. You are not only an awesome Realtor, you are an amazing person (and new friend!)."

The Lee Family

"Your service was all about the customer. I truly value Peg as a Realtor and a human being. She completely met all of my expectations."

Sheila Kelly

"Dana's professionalism impressed us most. She met our expectations 100%!"

Marc & Sarah Bryan

"I have been investing in real estate since my 20's and I found Carrie Hurich to be well-versed in all matters of real estate. She listens to me and makes constructive suggestions, she uses cutting edge technology, she obviously enjoys her job and goes the extra mile. I give my highest commendation to her."

John Repaci

"Matt Bachus went beyond my expectations! I was particularly impressed by his professionalism and continually communicating progress throughout the transaction."

Bill Starkey

"Jennifer went above & beyond in helping us find a beautiful home for our family. She always had time for our questions and concerns. We hope others get the opportunity to use her as their Realtor."

Scott & Patty Pinsonnault

"Carrie, with her knowledge & professionalism, blended with her uncanny ability to read our desires, went above & beyond in our purchase. Carrie and the entire Tupper's Team staff were incredibly supportive throughout the process, which was far more complex than we ever imagined."

Tom & Judy Craig

"We can't thank Matt enough. We cashed out of our old house and turned that equity into the most amazing new home. We wake up every morning and still can't believe we live here. He made it fun! He's not only an awesome Realtor, he's an amazing person (and new friend)."

Chad & Kris Lee Genesee

"Dana exceeded our expectations. Our closing wasn't an easy one and Dana remained calm under fire and added a great sense of humor. We can't think of a thing that could have been done better."

Ron & Ruth Holm

"The stars aligned when my husband & I were paired with Carrie Hurich at Tupper's Team for our relocation from Texas to Colorado. She emailed us new listings, gave up part of her Easter weekend showing us properties and found our dream home within days. She was an incredible advocate in negotiations. Our transaction was made simpler because of her professionalism, genuine dedication and positive attitude. Carrie has our real estate business for life and I'm glad she was in our corner."

Steve & Janine Muckleroy

"Jennifer exceeded our expectations in every respect. We have and will continue to recommend Tupper’s Team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Evergreen area. We have already done both."

Gary & Karen Rawson

"Alice met my expectations 110%. I was impressed with her communication, follow through and ability to work remotely."

Tom & Pam Sharkey

"Alice helped us buy our first home and 5 years later helped us sell that home. Both transactions were handled professionally and went very smoothly. She knows the Evergreen market and we felt comfortable during an otherwise stressful and complicated process."

Jeff & Krista Ball

"Matt Bachus & Tupper's Team were fantastic! We were new to the area and Matt was superb in introducing us to Evergreen. He quickly learned our likes and dislikes, then patiently helped us find the perfect home in the perfect location. We are very happy with he did for us. We highly recommend Tupper's Team!"

Bill & Debbie Atwood

"Peg Schroeder did an outstanding job! She was not only professional in every way, but really made us feel special. We appreciate her long hours to make a 'touchy' deal work! We would recommend her without hesitation!"

Walter & Saundra Williams

"We LOVED Dana. Moving to Colorado and not knowing anyone, we took a chance and called Tupper's Team. It was the best decision we made. They are truly a team and Dana Bossert helped us find a great home for our family."

Chris & Julie Jordening

"All went well. Peg is professional AND nice—she's an all-star."

Scott & Cindy Campbell

"Over the last decade we’ve had the pleasure to work with Dana Bossert for 2 home purchases and 1 sale. Tupper's Team have changed our lives for the better on all 3 occasions. Their knowledge and professionalism have helped us navigate the potentially rocky road of home buying and selling. Dana always made us feel like her priority."

Marc Bryan

"Dana was fantastic to work with. She is knowledgeable, thorough and most of all, patient. Navigating the market in the foothills has its challenges and we couldn't have done it without the help from the folks at Tupper's Team. Being new to the area, we weren't sure where we should buy a home, but with Dana's help we found a home in a wonderful place that met our needs - a place we can truly call home. If the day comes that we move again, Tupper's Team will be our first call."

Greg & Kayleigh Karlovits

"Alice was just phenomenal. It was such a blessing to be able to count on her, particularly in times of extreme imbalance in the market. We are very happy and thankful to the whole Team for all your help and commitment. You guys are model pros and deserve your stellar reputation."

Andrea Zorzutti

"Carrie with Tupper's Team was professional and thorough in our home search. Even though it was a challenging transaction, she remained calm throughout and solved issues as they arose. It was a pleasure working with Tupper's Team!"

Erica King

"Tupper's Team exceeded all our expectations. As we were purchasing a home from out of state, we were unfamiliar with all the aspects of buying a home in a mountain community. Our agent, Alice Carmody, made the process smooth and efficient. We recommend Tupper's Team very highly."

David & Kelly Silva

My husband and I began dreaming of living in the foothills about 5 years ago. At that time, it seemed like an impossibility and merely a wish. So every chance we got, we would pack up our camping gear and head into the mountains, hoping to steel a glance at deer and elk along the way, breathing in the fresh mountain air and relishing in the cool mountain breezes as an escape from the busy city life that surrounded us daily. At that time, we would talk and talk about the possibility of one day being able to live in the mountains, not just visit them when we could.

We were then married in 2013, something neither of us really thought would happen as we were both in our late 30’s and had not yet met “the one” until we met each other. We were married in the mountains and immediately began to talk of the possibility of actually living in the foothills. We began saving, dreaming, hoping it would one day happen. After 3 years, we had our deposit and credit scores that made us eligible for a loan so we contacted Carrie Hurich at Tupper’s Team to see if our dream could be a possibility. We had a wonderful discussion about the 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a little land that we had been dreaming about with Carrie, who replied, “All of that sounds completely possible.”

We were shocked that we could actually find an affordable mountain property that met all of our visions. Even in a highly competitive market, Carrie began showing us properties, guiding us along as first time home buyers, sharing the nuances of mountain life along the way so we knew how to best choose our home. After a little patience and a few emotional moments, Carrie contacted us to say she had a property that may work for us. We drove up to the house, walked in and knew immediately we had found our ideal home. She went to work immediately, calling the seller’s realtor and our mortgage provider to get our home for us. Within 4 hours, our offer was accepted. 42 days later, we moved in.

Life in the mountains has been even more than we expected. While our jobs still pull us into the city every day, we come home to a quiet piece of land, surrounded by beautiful mountains, with wildlife regularly in our yard. The crisp mountain air greets us each morning and the quiet lulls us to sleep each night. We are so grateful to Tupper’s Team and Carrie Hurich for helping us find out perfect home in the mountains. Dreams really do come true.

Mike & Lisa Haas

“Peg exceeded our expectations! She went out of her way on many occasions to go above & beyond to help with our purchase. We were impressed by her professional work ethic.”

“Dana’s expertise in mountain real estate was fantastic—she really helped us find the right home.  She was very accommodating and easy to work with.  We’d recommend Tupper’s Team to anyone in the future.”

Phillip & Jenny Pliuskonis

“We can’t say enough good things about Alice Carmody!  Her deep knowledge of the area was critical as we moved from out-of-state.  Her calm, level-headed, customer-oriented approach helped us purchase a home quickly during a stressful time…she was always there for us for issues large or small.  If you want a pro, go with Alice and Tupper’s Team."

Kate McGreevy Crisham

Dear Matt This is a long time coming, but I wanted to share just how happy Katherine Ann and I were with you as our realtor here in Evergreen. You made us feel extremely comfortable with the process and took great care of us navigating the real estate market here in Evergreen. At no point did we ever feel pressured or rushed, and we greatly appreciate you being open and honest with us about the homes that we saw. And although we had a few road bumps along the way we ultimately got into the house that we both wanted. We love the mountain setting and listening to the creek just below our house while we sit on the deck and look for passing deer. We look forward to our new lives here in Colorado, and again, can't thank you enough for everything you did.

David Arnim

“Tupper’s Team is hands down a top notch organization that truly cares for its clients. Peg Schroeder is an amazing broker who invests her time and energy in YOU as a client. She and the team understand that customer service is easily missed these days and they deliver above all industry standards. You cannot go wrong with this team.”

Dustin Searle Evergreen Park Estates

“Your reputation preceded you. Dana did a great job! Cheers!”

Kate O’Kami Central Evergreen

“Alice Carmody impressed us with her attention to detail and persistence—and she is an excellent communicator. I appreciated how courteous and attentive she was.”

Larry Cerrillo MeadowView Condominiums

“Could not have had a better experience. Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and was always one step ahead in our selling and purchasing processes. She and her team knew all the best contacts for those supporting agencies that are needed, e.g. inspectors, appraisers... The home we sold was only on the market for four days and we received more than asking, and the home we purchased is exactly in the location we wanted, and at a price that we were very happy with.”

Joel Martin Conifer Meadows

“Alice Carmody exceeded our expectations! She quickly got a feel for what we wanted, she was extremely knowledgeable about Evergreen real estate, she was personable, and she was so responsive & on top of everything. I’ll recommend her to everybody I know”
Erin & Danny Findley
Sunset Ridge

Erin & Danny Findley Sunset Ridge

“Matt Bachus and Tupper’s Team did an excellent job. Moving into the area, he helped assess neighborhoods, consider the inventory of homes and make a compelling offer. Then he and team worked through all the inspections and fixes and brought us to a successful close. Job well done!”

Randall Hawks

“Peg Schroeder recently helped us purchase a new home in Evergreen. She surpassed our expectations and gave us service that is hard to find in today's world. Not only did she have the ability to get us into the right home for our family, she truly cared and treated us as if we were her family. A personal touch and great customer service is not easy to find always when looking for or selling a home, but Peg offers both. She is a valuable part of Tupper's Team, as well as your success when buying a new home. She is AWESOME!”

Dustin & Gina-Marie Searle

“We have used Dana Bossert for two purchases and one sale of property in Evergreen Colorado. All transactions have gone off without flaw. She is a pro with excellent local knowledge. We will use her again.”

Duncan & Beth Williams The Woods in Evergreen

“A Huge THANK YOU to Alice Carmody for successfully closing possibly the most difficult transaction in Tupper’s Team history. Buying a bank owned property was much more of a nightmare than any of us could have foreseen. In spite of the multiple obstacles that arose, her expertise with CO law and attention to every detail kept our purchase moving forward. This was such an emotional roller coaster, that a month into the process we asked if she wanted to give up and move on. Her response was “ It’s a challenge, we’re going to get you this house”. This girl’s not a quitter! She was proactive as we approached deadlines and maintained constant communication with all the involved parties. Even with all the setbacks, (and absurd demands from the seller/bank) she remained positive and steadfast that we would cross the finish line. While we knew she was working with other clients, she made us feel we were her top priority and was always available for any task.
We cannot say enough wonderful things about Alice, she is by far the best real estate professional we have ever worked with. We highly recommend Alice and Tupper’s Team to find you exactly what you’re looking for within any budget.
We Love our new home and without Alice we wouldn’t be living our dream! We also consider her to be more than our realtor, but our first friend in Evergreen.”


Jeff & Karin Michalski Pinecrest Park

“Working with Carrie was a great experience, and I would highly recommend her as a real estate professional to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Colorado Foothills area. I'm an Ohio-transplant to Colorado, and this was my first time buying a house anywhere, not to mention in a state where I've only lived for only just over 6 years. Carrie brought a knowledge and expertise of the Foothills area to our interactions that was invaluable for someone like me. Carrie was patient and thoughtful, motivated and prompt, and most of all professional. I'm an engineer and typically like to be very hands-on and well-researched with any decisions -- Carrie adapted to my style immediately and let me drive, all the while keeping the important dynamics on target. At the end of the transaction Carrie and all the wonderful staff at Tupper's Team, especially our Transaction Manager Jan, helped me buy my dream home at a very reasonable price and on a well-organized and punctual timeline. I couldn't have asked for better service!”

Vinnie LaSalvia Conifer Meadows

“Matt Bachus is the best! I've dealt with 50 or more realtors in my 60+ years and he is by far the best in any state in which I have bought or sold real estate. He listened to what we wanted; found several houses that might have worked but then took us to the one that fit us perfectly. He is the consummate professional but also is just an all around great guy. Thanks, Matt!”


Alice Lightle Evergreen Meadows

“Peg Schroeder was recommended to us by our friends who found and bought their Evergreen house through Peg. She was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. She listened to what we were looking for, our needs and wants and gave us great advice. In the end, her experience, knowledge and skills helped us find our Evergreen house too! We are very grateful and highly recommend her.”


Pascale Rous & James Walsh Evergreen West

“Excellent home buying experience!  The entire staff was professional and always very helpful.  Our broker, Dana Bossert, was very attentive to our specific requirements and extraordinarily knowledgeable about the local area.  Thanks to Dana and everyone at Tupper’s Team!”


Patrick Henry Forest Estates

“Alice Carmody is wonderful at her job. Very knowledgeable, always helpful, responds quickly and truly cares about her customers. We can't say enough good things about her!”


Dan & Erin Findley Sunset Ridge Estates

Could not have had a better experience. Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and was always one step ahead in our selling and purchasing processes. She and her team knew all the best contacts for those supporting agencies that are needed, e.g. inspectors, appraisers... The home we sold was only on the market for four days and we received more than asking, and the home we purchased is exactly in the location we wanted, and at a price that we were very happy with.”


Joel Martin Conifer Meadows & Valley Hi

Past Seller Comments

"Thanks, Matt! Really appreciate all your attention and assistance. You are the true professional we thought we were signing up for. Give us a shout when you are passing through Santa Fe. Good luck with your selling season and hope we see you down the road!"

Steve and Ellen Kohn

"You sold our home for a fair price in a timely manner. Thanks for a very professional and down-to-earth association."

Dale & Peggy Hiwan Country Club

"The numbers speak for themselves: you sold our home in 51 days in a market averaging three times that length. You were simply terrific to work with."

Miles & Sandra Evergreen Highlands

"Your careful analysis of the market, your sophisticated and targeted marketing and your constant monitoring of details secured two offers-both above our expectations-in only eleven days. And this was in a buyers' market."

Donovan & Barbara Evergreen Meadows

"Top-flight service and communications throughout the process of the sale."

Steve & Barb Woodside

"Thank you for selling my property so promptly. You made a difficult time a lot easier!"

Nancy Conifer Mountain

"Communication is so important from signing the listing agreement through the closing. You and your staff do an excellent job, which allows the whole transaction to proceed just as it should."

Jerry Valley Hi

"You exceeded my expectations. If I still lived in Colorado, I'd be endorsing you to everybody buying or selling a home. Thanks again for your outstanding efforts and results."

Bart Buffalo Park Estates

"At the same time we called your office for our initial appointment, we also called two other offices. You returned our call quickly and we set an appointment for the next day. One of the other brokers made their appointment for four days later and the other for the following week. After meeting you, it was clear that we could not expect a more thorough outline of the process of selling our house. After we listed, you answered every email or phone call promptly."

Bob & Jean Schreffler Evergreen Highlands

"Your knowledge of the mountain market was invaluable. Since you served as our Buyer's Agent 12 years ago, it was a natural to follow through to use you to sell our home."

Neil & Dianna Gilmore Conifer Mountain

"Before we met, you'd done your homework to help us set a realistic price for our property. We cannot think of a way your service could have been improved. Thanks for selling our home in less than a month from the day we first met."

Les & JoAnne Avery Kittredge

"When we asked or texted a question, we immediately received an answer no matter what was going on. We faced a lot of unknowns, having not sold a home in over 20 years, but you put our minds at ease and everything progressed very smoothly."

Dan & Shosh Murphy Hiwan Country Club

"We were very impressed with the total package Tupper's Team presented! They were on top of things throughout the entire process all the way up to closing. Even the photographer and your sign person were very good!"

Bill & Barbara Houston

"The sale of my dad's home went so smoothly - Carrie was on top of everything from beginning to end. She responded to my calls, emails and texts right away (always!) and was a pleasure to work with. We could not have asked for more. I know my dad would be pleased."

Monica Flanigan

"Dana exceeded our expectations. Her support and knowledge made our selling experience a positive and successful venture. Thank you!"

Derek Reisbeck

"We worked with Tupper's Team to sell our parents' home. They also handled the buyer. Dana was very professional and empathetic to our family that had lots of emotional ties to the house. She's still helping us after the closing with improvements that are insurance related. Dana went above and beyond what she needed to do to help us."

Marion Jennings & Jackie Hawkey

"It was a pleasure to work with Dana. She kept in touch, was helpful in every way and a joy to work with. Flyers were promptly delivered, the photos were excellent and the presentation was well done."

Jack & Kay Herring, Jr.

"Matt was by far the most professional real estate broker I have ever worked with. He handled every single detail, was 100% organized and made the sale extremely easy for my wife and me."

Jonas Roth

"My listing was professionally and very personally handled. The property sold quickly within 4% of asking price and all aspects of the contract and closing were exceptionally well conducted. I'm extremely pleased with my experience and Peg's great job!"

John Runne

"Dana was exceptional. She was wonderful in communicating often and she worked hard even though our property wasn't a big sale."

James Kettleborough

"Alice and Tupper's Team were attentive, prompt and very professional when we sold our home! We were most impressed by their willingness to listen to our needs."

Russell & Suzanne McLemore

"Matt Bachus and Tupper's Team provided great service in the sale of my Evergreen home and the purchase of my new home in Lakewood. Matt treated me like family and the support staff was top notch. Highly recommend."

Sean Maslow

"Peg listened. She saw what was important about our home and directed the marketing campaign that highlighted those aspects. As a result, we got the buyers I hoped for. I feel we sold to people who will love the property as much as we did."

Connie Irwin

"Working with Dana Bossert on the sale of our home was a great experience. She handled every aspect professionally and responded to every question or concern quickly with knowledgeable answers. The contractors she recommended were also very professional. We felt relaxed knowing Dana was handling all the details. We highly recommend Dana without reservation."

Dan & Kathleen Ahl

"Alice helped us buy our first home and 5 years later helped us sell that home. Both transactions were handled professionally and went very smoothly. She knows the Evergreen market and we felt comfortable during an otherwise stressful and complicated process."

Jeff & Krista Ball

"We cannot tell you how grateful we are for your professionalism and guidance through the sale of our home. We know it’s not easy to deal so much by email, but the time difference made electronic communication necessary. Your always keeping us in the loop gave us comfort and confidence that everything was under control. Let us know if we can ever be a reference for you. Thanks a million!"

Mark & Shannon Cowlin

"Carrie Hurich from Tupper's Team recently helped us sell our home in Evergreen - we could not have been more pleased. She was communicative, knowledgeable, available for any questions we had and, most important, effective! The whole process went smoothly - we would recommend Carrie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the foothills!"

Steph Giblin

"Alice is amazing! She is incredibly smart, receptive and patient. I've never worked with a better Realtor. I was very satisfied with her service as she listed and sold my home."

Annette Pedersen

"We listed our home with Matt Bachus and Tupper's Team on December 8th... the heart of the Christmas season. I was not optimistic, but Matt was the eternal optimist. The stager was incredible, the photographer was a genius, Mike the courier made sure we had everything we needed, Lynnett and Jan in the office were the real brains behind Tupper's Team and Matt was right - we went under contract in 27 days. Could not have possibly gone better."

Tom & Suzanne McNulty

"Jennifer did even better than we expected! When a problem developed during the final cleaning which the cleaners refused to accept responsibility for, Jennifer stepped in to solve the problem admirably."

Bill & Barbara Kastner

"Over the last decade we've had the pleasure to work with Dana Bossert for 2 home purchases and 1 sale. Tupper's Team have changed our lives for the better on all 3 occasions. Their knowledge and professionalism have helped us navigate the potentially rocky road of home buying and selling. Dana always made us feel like her priority."

Marc Bryan

"Thanks to Carrie Hurich and Tupper's Team! They went out of their way to help me list our property, stepping in when the county had questions or problems. They answered all my questions kindly and correctly. I'll never use another Realtor! Thank you so much!"

Mariah Donahue

"I worked with Matt Bachus and the team on the sale of my older house on a wonderful lot in Conifer. Before going on the market, Matt suggested some things (like touch-up painting) that would improve curb appeal. He gave me plenty of recent sales comparables to help me set the price. We had dozens of showings and I was automatically notified when we got feedback from buyers who saw the property. We quickly had offers above our ask. When the first buyer backed out, we regrouped and were able to get a better buyer. Matt handled the complexities of inspections and other problems inherent with an older home with calm and tact. When we needed radon mitigation and a survey, he suggested qualified contractors to do the work quickly and at a fair price. I completely endorse Matt and Tupper's Team—they gave me great service, start to finish."

Cy Esphahanian

"All went well in our sale. Peg was professional... and just plain nice. She's an all-star."

Scott & Cynthia Campbell

“Jennifer Trinco of Tupper's Team RE/MAX, Evergreen, Colorado was the selling agent at the time we bought our Evergreen home and we were so impressed with her we asked her to be our own selling agent 3 1/2 years later. Her impeccable, savvy timing of the real estate market was critical for the very quick sale of our home. She is a straight shooter who 'tells it like it is' with no glossy fabrications, taking the time to know us as people. With so many successful years under her belt regarding many different facets of the real estate market, we were confident we were in the most competent of hands. Jennifer's outstanding rapport with the entire Tupper's Team is clearly evident. If you are looking for the best of the best, look no further than Jennifer and Tupper's Team.”

Bob & Carol Rich

"Carrie Hurich from Tupper's Team worked with me to sell my home in Independence Heights.  They listed it on May 2 and had a contract by May 6.  But the BEST part was the support I received from the contract to closing.  The team put all the ducks in a row-especially great since I was living in California and dealing with the process by remote control."

Gary Kauffman

“We recently worked with Carrie Hurich from Tupper's Team to sell our home in Genesee. Our experience with her was outstanding! Carrie walked with us through the whole process from preparing a few months ahead of time to put our home on the market to closing. She referred us to the Tupper's Team website for vetted window and carpet cleaning professionals, as well as an excellent staging professional. Carrie's guidance paid off in that we were able to sell our home within 2 days for more than we were asking. We loved working with Carrie!”


Greg & Kathy Benes Genesee

“We worked with Matt Bachus, got our first offer in 4 hours, received a signed contract on the fifth day after listing.  He was very responsive to all our requests, answered our questions promptly, took time to make sure we understood the process at every step.  We recommend him highly."

Rich Heine Tanoa

“Peg sold our house 12 hours after it was listed.  After it was under contract, the septic tank failed inspection.  All the excavating companies were booked out for the next two months.  Peg used her business contacts to call in a favor and we got our septic replaced in two weeks by a guy that would not even return our calls the day before—honest.  We closed on time.  If you want a professional with long-time contacts that will get your home sold, hire Peg Schroeder.  She gets the job done, period.”

James Meinders Evergreen Meadows

“Dana recently listed and sold our home.  She was extremely attentive and helpful.  Because of Dana’s expertise, it was a stress-free experience—she had all the details covered.  The closing was effortless and Dana made the entire process pleasant.  She’s definitely who we’ll call when we need a Realtor in the foothills area again.”


Dan & Kathleen Ahl Evergreen Manor

“Could not have had a better experience. Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and was always one step ahead in our selling and purchasing processes. She and her team knew all the best contacts for those supporting agencies that are needed, e.g. inspectors, appraisers... The home we sold was only on the market for four days and we received more than asking, and the home we purchased is exactly in the location we wanted, and at a price that we were very happy with.”

Joel Martin Conifer Meadows

“Our home sold in 24 hours, which exceeded our expectations. We had no idea it would sell so quickly! Carrie’s knowledge of the market and professional advice was excellent. She was thoughtful, thorough, patient and savvy, especially when dealing with buyers. She kept us well-informed at all times. The stager had fabulous ideas and the photos were wonderful. And Jan was an excellent contract coordinator. Tupper’s Team validated our decision to use the best team to sell mountain properties.”

Al & Mary Jo Aardsma Conifer Mountain

“My husband and I recently sold our home in Evergreen and worked with Matt Bachus at Tupper Team -- he is an amazing realtor!!!!!!! I can't rate our experience high enough!!!! Matt is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, FUNNY, so responsive and really makes you feel like family. We always  felt as if we were his #1 priority. We dreaded selling our home ... and we procrastinated ... Matt allowed us to take "baby steps", was never annoyed with us dragging our feet and never pressured us into anything. He is quite patient and understands the emotional and stressful nature of selling a beloved home. We really enjoyed every moment working with him! If you need a realtor ... and you find yourself at Tupper -- make sure Matt Bachus is your man! You will be thrilled to work with such an amazing realtor who is truly passionate about his work! P.S. He's a super cool guy too!”

Lisa & Matt Zahn Tanoa in north Evergreen

“Peg Schroeder with Tupper's Team was fantastic in selling our home. She gave expert advice in the preparation of our property, priced it perfectly and then managed the process. We ended up with several high-quality offers and a bidding war that resulted in a closed sale over our asking price in a  short period of time. The combination of local knowledge, spot-on advice and impeccable follow-through made for a great experience that allowed us to buy a beautiful home in our new city.”


Kevin & Lana Dale Evergreen Hills

“Jennifer is everything you'd want in a real estate agent - she is extremely knowledgeable, professional, down-to-earth, and savvy. Our home sold, for above asking, within 48 hours of hitting the MLS!! Jennifer's guidance regarding staging, presentation, photos, pricing, etc. was spot-on. I  wouldn't work with anyone else for a mountain property, whether buying or selling. It just doesn't get any better than Jennifer and Tupper's Team!

Jeff & Bonnie Reinmuth South Turkey Creek Road

“My experience working with Carrie Hurich from Tupper's Team could not have been more professional, more pleasurable or easier. I was kept informed at all times about any showings, feedback on the property and all offers. She gave me advice at all times concerning the property. I felt at all times she had my utmost interest above all else. She also was able to help me take out the emotional attachment I had to my property. She negotiated in my best interests at all times and because of her extreme hard work we were able to sell the property quickly at a price I was very satisfied with. Carrie made the entire process of selling my home extremely easy, she took the burden of this process off of my shoulders onto hers. I highly recommend Carrie for anyone's buying or selling experience.”

Maureen Gammill Littleton

“We have used Dana Bossert for two purchases and one sale of property in Evergreen Colorado. All transactions have gone off without flaw. She is a pro with excellent local knowledge. We will use her again.”

Duncan & Beth Williams The Woods in Evergreen

“I requested to sell the house quickly—it sold quickly!  I expected to get a good price—I got a very good price…considerably more than I expected!  I liked the signing software Tupper’s Team used—made many agreements quick & easy—big improvement over faxing!   Thanks!”


Bob Kennedy Hiwan Hills

Could not have had a better experience. Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and was always one step ahead in our selling and purchasing processes. She and her team knew all the best contacts for those supporting agencies that are needed, e.g. inspectors, appraisers... The home we sold was only on the market for four days and we received more than asking, and the home we purchased is exactly in the location we wanted, and at a price that we were very happy with.”


Joel Martin Conifer Meadows & Valley Hi