Buying For The Best Price

Buying a Colorado Home For The Best Price

There are ways to save time, money and effort when buying real estate.

First, the agent you work with should be experienced and knowledgeable in the marketplace. If they are familiar with the homes in the Colorado Foothills Home market and they know neighborhood values, they can help you determine which Evergreen properties are fairly priced before you start your real estate search. Everyone at Tupper’s Team works primarily in the foothills area, so we know the territory.

Before you even visit our area, we can email pictures with detailed information for all Evergreen or Conifer homes that meet your criteria.  We can also show you photos of every home in the MLS in our exclusive viewing studio to save you time and eliminate looking at properties that do not meet your real estate criteria.

The real estate broker you select should offer Buyer Agency to you, which is an arrangement where the agent actively looks after your best interests, but usually gets paid by the Seller. This eliminates that age-old question in real estate transactions, “Just who is my agent representing, me or the seller?”

A good Realtor will recommend that you pre-qualify for a mortgage before you look at homes to be sure you are looking in the appropriate price range and to strengthen your bargaining position when you locate the home you wish to buy. If your offer to the seller includes a letter from your lender indicating you already qualify for the loan, the seller will take you more seriously. We have friendly, helpful Evergreen lenders who offer the most competitive rates and who can usually pre-qualify you in a 10-minute phone call.

If you don’t find the perfect Evergreen home right away, you’ll want to be notified about new homes that come on the market. We are happy to enroll you in our exclusive Buying Buddy system to email you new Evergreen or Conifer listings within seconds after they come on the market. We want you to have first pick of the best properties in the Evergreen/Conifer area!

When you find the home you want to buy, make your offer as ‘clean’ as possible, with only necessary contingencies. The less the seller needs to worry about, the better. Also, be prepared to compromise on issues like closing/possession dates in exchange for the seller agreeing to your price (or vice versa).

Try composing a letter about you, your family and why you want the home to submit with your offer. It ‘humanizes’ the offer to the sellers and may help them feel good about accepting your contract.

These are just a few hints that we use to insure your home buying experience is pleasant and profitable.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your home buying requirements, contact Tupper’s Team or call 303-670-6358 or toll free 800-568-6120 x 6358.