Evergreen Facts & Maps

Evergreen Facts & Maps

Commute Times

  • Evergreen to downtown Denver: 35 minutes
  • Evergreen to Denver Tech Center: 50 minutes
  • Evergreen to Cherry Creek Shopping Center: 45 minutes
  • Evergreen to DIA: 75 minutes


Approximately 150 square miles. Since there are no defined city limits, this is an approximate size.


  • 7072 feet above sea level at Evergreen Lake
  • 8270 feet above sea level at Conifer Shopping Center


  • Summer average temperature: high 70’s to low 80’s
  • Winter average temperature: 5 to mid-40’s
  • Average days of sunshine: 306 per year (more than Miami or Honolulu)
  • Average humidity: below 33%
  • Average precipitation: 20 inches annually
  • Average snowfall: 90 inches annually
  • Summer generally brings sunny days with an occasional afternoon shower. Winter snows are usually brief and followed by warm, sunny days that melt the snow.



  • Unincorporated. Jefferson County government in nearby Golden administers, 3 elected County Commissioners.


  • Electricity: Xcel Energy Co. or Intermountain Rural Electric Assoc.
  • Gas: natural gas by Xcel Energy Co., Colorado Natural Gas or propane through many local suppliers
  • Water/Sewer: Evergreen Metro District or other community districts; private wells and septics are most common outside districts

Municipal Services

  • Police: Jefferson County Sheriff, headquartered in Golden, Colorado
  • Fire: local volunteer Fire departments, highly rated
  • Medical: clinics in Bergen Park, Evergreen and Conifer.
  • Volunteer ambulance/EMT service throughout area
  • Flight for Life emergency helicopter based in Denver
  • Major medical centers in Denver
  • Hospice and elderly care centers in Evergreen


  • Newspapers: Daily: Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post. Weekly: Canyon Courier , High Timber Times, Hustler. Monthly: Serenity, Mountain Connection
  • Radio: all Denver stations are available, no local stations
  • Television: all Denver stations are available, unless restricted by terrain. Cable and/or satellite dish service throughout area.

Voting Requirements

  • Must be a resident for 32 days in Colorado, 18 years of age, a citizen of the US and a registered voter. You may register at the Motor Vehicle Office in Evergreen.

Motor Vehicle Laws

  • Colorado license plates and a Colorado driver’s license should be obtained within 30 days after establishing residency. If your current out-of-state license is valid, you need only pass a written exam and eye test.


  • Retail sales tax: 4.3% (lower than Denver!)
  • State income tax: 5% of federal taxable income
  • Property tax: 9.74% of appraised value times mil levy, usually results in a tax bill of 1%-1.5% of value of property


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