I thought with Ski season in full-effect and the Winter Olympics just ending, it would be fun to put out a ski-related post and the first thing that came to my mind was the ugly outfits I see on the slopes each year. With this in mind, I decided to go on a quest to find the most ugly, stupid, funny, worst and wacky ski suits I could find.

Are you familiar with the term “gaper?” A “gaper” is generally known as completely clueless skier or snowboarder. They are easily identified by their usually outdated clothes, one-piece suits, skinny skis and rear-entry boots or because they are the only ones on the hill not moving, blocking the path. You’re going to find lot’s of gapers below.

Check out what my massive search returned.

and a Van Halen tshirt…

Ok, a lot of these are bad but what’s up with the dude in pink bellbottoms?

Those are some sweet work boots and aviator sunglasses.

White ski suits blend in with the snow more than you think. Just wait until someone slams into you.

The Borat style mankini doesn’t work anywhere, especially out skiing.

It has been scientifically proven that the more fluorescent your ski outfit is, the greater chance that you can’t ski.

Is that supposed to be some sort of camouflage?

A Cthulu ski mask…those tentacles are going to be annoying while you’re flying down the slopes

Look at those colors and the sweet front pocket!

Isn’t the Sasquatch a protected animal?

You might look gangsta now, but you’re not going to feel so cool stumbling down the mountain in that baggy ski suit.

Here’s one of my favorites taken from an ugly ski suit competition at the recent Igloofest in Montreal, Canada. I’m diggin’ that fannypack!

Another finalist from the Igloofest ugly ski suit competition. Is that Lady Gaga?

Why did slotted sunglasses ever go out of style?

You couldn’t be more of a dork than by wearing matching ski suits.

These don’t look very warm and are probably really itchy. Good thing we aren’t in the 1930’s anymore.

Is that a tattoo of a smiley face?

Those guys are old-school. There’s nothing more stylish than tucking your pants into your boots.

First of all, it’s a one-piece. Secondly, it’s two sizes too small.

Mmmm. I love cotton candy!

Keep the Star Wars stuff at the conventions, please.

All pink and even a matching bag!

Ooohhhh, psychedelic!

It’s like the Flash Dance of winter!

I’m surprised I don’t see more unicorn hoods on the ski slopes.

Totally Radical!!!

I’ve heard that this lady rarely takes her rainbow ski suit off, even during the summer months.

Attract as many eyes as you can before you slam into tree.

A ski bunny outfit; it’s cute but a little played out.

How do you make your ski suit look sexy? Wear a corset over it and put on some stripper boots.

Why, why, why would you go skiing in jeans?

Another guy who like to ski in jeans. Not cool dude.

Why would anyone want to go out into the cold with her midriff showing? That’s not gonna feel good when you land in the snow!

“Awesome, you scared everyone away. Now we have the whole keg to ourselves. SWEET!”

Solar powered ski jackets are good for the environment but plan on leaving the resort single.

Can you believe that Prince Charles wore the same ski suit for more than 20 years? That thing looks disgusting now.

Did you come here to ski or rob a bank?

“Guys, does this hat go with the neon?”

This guy is the definition of confidence.

Look at his face. I’d be mad too if someone put me in that thing. Those are a bunch dice, in case you couldn’t tell.

The ultimate in white trash ski-wear can be found nationwide at any local trailer park yard sale.

It doesn’t get any worse than this folks.

If you’d like to own any of these hideous ski-suits for whatever reason that might be, take a look around eBay, local yard sales, Goodwill or thrift stores. You’ll find something sure to win an ugly ski suit competition if you follow any of the fashion statements made in this article.