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When you decide to sell your home, there are many things to consider. That’s why it’s important to develop a relationship with a local Evergreen Realtor who will take your concerns into regard for you and your family. Whether you’re moving out of state or simply to the other side of Evergreen, Colorado, the realty process remains the same. Our experienced Evergreen Realtors are here to help you through the entire journey, from deciding to put your house on the market to closing the sale.

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An Evergreen Sales Process: Four Factors of a Successful Sale

Whether it’s in Evergreen or somewhere else, every successful home sale is impacted by four main factors. These factors influence how quickly and for how much your home will sell.


Any Evergreen Realtor worth their salt knows that the best thing they can do to sell your home is to inform as many buyers as possible. In addition to traditional marketing tactics like listing your home in the MLS and placing signs in your yard, Tupper’s Team Realtors also know it’s vital to maintain an attractive web presence. Over 90% of potential home buyers search for listings online, and our team knows how to make sure they find your listing and all the benefits your property offers.


Your Realtor is responsible for marketing your home, but it’s your job to ensure that it’s marketable. Keeping it clean and well maintained during the selling process will encourage buyer interest and enhance the appeal of your home compared to the competition. Your Evergreen Realtor from Tupper’s Team will discuss ways to make your home more attractive to buyers searching in your area..


One of the greatest advantages to Evergreen, Colorado real estate is our uniquely appealing location in the foothills, just minutes away from metropolitan Denver. Within the foothills area, there’s a buyer for every mountain home, from Golden to Pine. Some locations will appeal to certain buyers more than others based on factors like setting, views, proximity to schools, commute time to Denver, and access to Colorado’s high country, to name just a few. Tupper’s Team determines buyers’ needs and helps them select the location appropriate to their needs.


Setting a price on your property can be challenging, especially in our mountain communities, where no two homes are the same. Your Realtor should be able to present you with a price range that accurately reflects the value of your home in the current market.

Tupper’s Team is the leading Evergreen, Colorado realty group with over 100 years of combined experience, and we can help you sell your home. From preparing you for the marketplace to closing the sale, our staff will work diligently to market your home and keep you informed every step of the way. To learn more about our process, please contact us.


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Mountain Communities

Evergreen/Conifer is divided into three general areas: North Evergreen, South Evergreen, and Conifer/Pine.

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