What’s My Home Worth?

What’s My Home Worth?

Home Appointment

We believe that in order to determine an accurate value for your home in Evergreen, Conifer and the surrounding areas, it is important for us to visit you at a convenient time at your home and see all its amenities. If you would like us to contact you for an accurate market estimate of value, completely confidential, free and without obligation, simply contact us by e-mail or call our office at 303-670-6358.

Desktop Analysis

If you are not sure about us visiting your home yet and would simply like an estimate of the value of your Evergreen/Conifer area home for sale, we offer our Desktop Market Evaluation Form. Free and completely confidential, we encourage you to let us know a few things about your home by providing the requested information. We will respond to you quickly – just indicate if you would like us to call or e-mail you.

Complete Desktop Market Form for Evaluation

Web Sites

For a very rough estimate of the value of your home in the Evergreen/Conifer area, or Golden, Genesee and Morrison, consider the links below. Enter your address for an immediate estimate. We caution you, though, that these web sites will offer to put you in touch with a real estate broker who will contact you to arrange an appointment with you. Those brokers pay for the chance to contact you. We do not subscribe to these websites.


Things to consider when determining the worth of your home

Value is what the buyer for your home receives. Price is what the buyer is willing to pay for that value. If you are thinking of selling real estate in the Evergreen / Conifer area, including Genesee, Golden and Morrison, you need to know exactly what it is worth before you decide to list your home for sale.

When you consider listing your Evergreen, Conifer, Genesee, Golden or Morrison home for sale, remember that in addition to the differences between individual homes, real estate market conditions can also differ. Your Realtor should be responsive to both of these issues as you consider putting your home on the market.