Why Use Tupper’s Team?

Why Use Tupper’s Team?

Every home we list is reviewed carefully for appropriate pricing before going to the market. We perform pricing opinions nearly 400 times each year (more than one every day) – often for attorneys and CPAs who need evaluations for estates, insurance and divorce purposes. Most agents perform less than one pricing evaluation per week. Like doctors who perform the same procedure hundreds of times each year, you can rely on our pricing evaluation because we have more experience at it.

Unfortunately, not every home seller we meet decides to list with us. But we still track those homes to see how the home seller eventually fares. It is rare for a home to sell for more than we recommended. So if another agent tells you they can sell your home for more, history suggests they will eventually ask for a price reduction to the same point (or lower?) than we initially proposed.

Most brokers’ idea of marketing is to install a sign, put your home in the MLS, add your listing to their company’s ads and website and pray it sells.

We initiate an aggressive marketing campaign that includes:

  • Yard sign with a brochure box (that stays filled!)
  • Listing in the MLS with interior and exterior photos
  • Re/Max’s ads in local and regional newspapers and magazines
  • Mailings and handouts to Realtors and prospective buyers


  • Cross-marketing with our other listings
  • Exposure on our social media networks
  • Working with referrals from past clients and Realtors across the country from over 30 years of active marketing.
  • Featuring it on our website, the national Realtors’ website, the Colorado Realtors’ website and many other popular home search websites with full color photos and virtual tours that feature your home’s interior, exterior and setting

Isn’t one of the reasons you hire a Realtor to negotiate on your behalf? Ask to see our “sold price” statistics for a current comparison against other agents. If you wonder how a Realtor can justify their fees, this is an eye-opener! We can demonstrate how we can most likely net you more sales proceeds than other real estate brokers can, even discount brokers. It’s because we actively represent you in negotiations…and we draft contracts to protect you from unreliable, irresponsible buyers and brokers.

We work with your best interests in mind and net you more money in the process.

Then contact us so we can learn more about selling your foothills Colorado home.