A Word About Schools

A Word About Schools

Good schools are an important part of every community. We are proud that the children of our foothills area schools enjoy superior scores in standardized tests. This is not necessarily what makes our schools superior however. Our schools and class sizes are often smaller, providing for more personal attention to every student.

We invite you to visit our foothills schools, to talk with the teachers and speak with other parents. We are certain you will receive positive reviews!

Foothills School Information

Jefferson County Schools

Clear Creek County Schools

Park County Schools

CSAP Scores

Because the foothills area reaches into three counties (Jefferson, Clear Creek and Park), children attend one of the three school systems depending on their county of residence.

Mountain area schools include 9 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 4 high schools. Students achieve high scores on standardized test in the basic skill of reading, math and language arts. Depending on the subject area, approximately 60% to 80% of the district’s students tested scored above the 50th percentile. Of the high percentage of students entering college, 85% went on to a four-year school and 15% attended a two-year school.

All mountain area schools follow the traditional 9-month school year. Opening and closing hours are staggered for each level to enable buses to run efficiently. The district’s policy is to provide transportation to elementary students who live more than a mile from school, junior high students who live more than two miles from school, and senior high students who live more than two and a half miles from school. Bus schedules and pick-up points are available at local schools.

New Student registration at school is usually held the last week in August. Elementary students should have a birth certificate and previous report card at registration. Secondary students should have previous grades forwarded to their new school. All students must be fully immunized in accordance with the Colorado Immunization Law.

 Need more info or have more questions? Our kids go to school up here. Contact us.