Where are the foothills?

The sister communities of Evergreen and Conifer are located just west of Denver.  Far enough away from the metroplex to avoid traffic snarls, crowds, and the 24/7 city lifestyle, yet close enough to enjoy world-class sports, shopping, and cultural activities in the Mile High City.  Far enough away to offer quiet country ambiance and family values, yet close to the cosmopolitan excitement of a large city and a wonderful relocation destination.

I-70 and Hwy 285 run west and south from Denver and provide rapid access to Evergreen and Conifer.  The entire Evergreen/Conifer area is unincorporated (no city government).  The drive to Denver via I-70 or Hwy 285 is fast and enjoyable, as opposed to the stop-&-go traffic that commuters on I-25 and 6th Avenue in Denver suffer through each day.

Not only are the natural surroundings beautiful, but the county, state, and national governments own and maintain parkland throughout the area to ensure the natural ambiance will remain over the years.  Hiking, mountain biking, fishing and more are no more than 10 minutes away from any home in the area.  In fact, we border two national forests that are each larger than Rhode Island.

Evergreen is located just west of metropolitan Denver, where the high plains meet the foothills that rise to the Continental Divide.  But Evergreen’s magic is that the weather is mild like Denver’s, yet the air is more crisp and clear because Denver’s occasionally polluted air doesn’t reach our altitude.  Night skies in Evergreen are darker and filled with stars, unlike Denver with its city lights.  There are fewer than 10 stoplights in Evergreen and traffic jams are simply not allowed.

North Evergreen, between downtown Evergreen and I-70, offers city water and sewer, natural gas service and smaller lots (half-acre to just over an acre are typical).  While home prices are generally higher, subdivisions are more like ‘neighborhoods’, and schools and shopping are usually closer to home.

South of downtown Evergreen to Conifer and extending along the 285 corridor, homes are typically on larger lots (one to ten acres), with private wells, septic systems, and propane where natural gas is not available. Subdivisions have a more ‘rural’ feel and schools and shopping are a little farther from home, but only minutes away at most.

Your key to getting acquainted with the Evergreen Conifer, Colorado area and buying the home of your dreams is to see Tupper’s Team at Madison & Company Properties Evergreen.  This real estate team will ensure that your introduction to the Evergreen/Conifer is informative, unpressured and professionally handled.

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