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With COVID-19 You May Wonder When To Call 911                               


"Do I Need To Call 911?"

Tupper Briggs

Tupper began his real estate career in 1973 and has earned every accolade from the National Association of Realtors available over the years...

Tupper began his real estate career in 1973 and has earned every accolade from the National Association of Realtors available over the years...

May 18 4 minutes read

When to Call 911

-If you have difficulty breathing/choking                     -If you have an allergic reaction

-If you have symptoms of a heart attack/stroke        -If you are confused, disoriented, dizzy

-If you have difficulty speaking, walking, seeing        -If you have sudden severe pain

What to Expect When You Call

Evergreen Fire & Rescue paramedics use full Personal Protective Equipment on calls and quickly determine whether you have any signs of COVID. Tychem suits, protective eyewear, 3m half-face masks or N95's and gloves are donned both for your safety and theirs.  Not all people with COVID symptoms need to go to the hospital, but if your symptoms warrant further medical attention, they transport you. Prior to transport, the paramedics ‘tape up’ the ambulance with plastic to contain any potential contamination.  Upon completion of the transport they carefully dispose of and decontaminate all potentially exposed equipment and personnel.  If you do not need to be hospitalized, the paramedics ensure you have the appropriate care instructions and phone numbers you may need before they leave.

Medical and volunteer firefighters used to respond to calls together utilizing the efficient neighborhood response system--where any personnel who live nearby responded directly to your location.  Because of COVID, Evergreen Fire has staffed an extra firefighter on either end of the district to respond with the ambulances. The firefighter assumes incident command on all calls and is the liaison between the staged responders and the paramedics on scene. This keeps initial patient contact to a minimum while maintaining advanced care. The incident commander coordinates the response and brings in additional manpower if needed.  Adding the two additional responders has increased operational costs but it protects the public, the patients and the emergency crews alike.

Evergreen Fire & Rescue works under a physician advisor and has access to St. Anthony Hospital ER doctors 24/7. Should any situation or concern arise, including questions regarding the CDC and Colorado Public Health requirements, those doctors are available to the paramedics to help ensure the community’s continued safety.  Actively utilizing the CDC and Denver Metro Protocols recommendations, only one first-responder with Evergreen Fire & Rescue has been quarantined and it was strictly a precautionary measure.

So, if you experience a medical or fire emergency that warrants assistance from our local first-responders, don’t hesitate to call.  They take the extra care necessary to ensure your safety and provide the same superior service they have for over 50 years.

Do Not Call 911 if You:

-Want information about COVID-19                         

-Need a ride to your doctor’s office

-Want to get tested                                                   

-Have mild symptoms

~ Dave Montesi, Evergreen Fire Rescue

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