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A critical tool used by local officials to notify residents of an emergency


Have You Signed Up For LookOut Alert Emergency Notifications? Copy

Carrie Hurich

I grew up in the foothills as part of a hard-working family, where I learned the value of a strong work ethic...

I grew up in the foothills as part of a hard-working family, where I learned the value of a strong work ethic...

Jul 25 5 minutes read

Jefferson County, Broomfield, and Westminster, CO – Public safety officials in Jefferson County, the City and County of Broomfield, and the City of Westminster announced today that LookoutAlert is now available to all residents within those jurisdictions, including both the Adams County and Jefferson County portions of Westminster. LookoutAlert is a free service (message and data rates may apply) that allows individuals to receive emergency notifications sent from local authorities about potentially hazardous situations involving natural or manmade disasters, public safety incidents, severe weather, and other emergencies. 

Dispatch centers and public safety agencies use LookoutAlert to quickly notify people within a specific geographic area that may be affected by a large scale disaster, evacuation or shelter-in-place orders, certain law enforcement activities such as searches for missing children or dangerous subjects, and other incidents that require immediate public awareness. LookoutAlert allows residents to receive these types of notifications – or alerts – via text, email, and/or voice message. Residents may register for LookoutAlert at

“LookoutAlert is a critical tool used by local officials to notify residents of an emergency,” explains Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader. “With all emergency agencies in Jefferson County, Broomfield, and Westminster using the same notification system, we are able to expedite public safety messages across multiple jurisdictions. This consistency enhances residents’ awareness and their ability to respond appropriately.”

LookoutAlert replaces the previous emergency notification system known as CodeRED. Individuals who were signed up for CodeRED have been automatically enrolled into LookoutAlert. These residents do not need to sign up again but are encouraged to set up an account in the new platform to be able to choose what types of alerts they want to receive and to review and update their information when necessary. All landline residential and commercial phone numbers within the three jurisdictions have also automatically been enrolled into LookoutAlert. However, residents and travelers to Jefferson County, Broomfield, or Westminster who were not previously signed up for CodeRED should sign up at to receive timely and actionable emergency alerts via email, text or voice message. 

Jeff Streeter, Executive Director of the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority (Jeffcom911), emphasizes, “It is important to register for emergency alerts in your area. LookoutAlert could be the quickest way to receive accurate information and instructions for a variety of emergencies that may affect where you live or work, or another location that you frequent. Emergency notifications are sent directly from 9-1-1 centers to affected residents, if the resident is registered to receive them.”

LookoutAlert is provided through the Smart911 platform, which also offers users the ability to create a safety profile for themselves and their household. This profile could include medical history, allergies and medication, number of household residents and any special needs for each, and even information on pets. This important information is provided directly to 9-1-1 dispatchers when the user calls 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

For more information on LookoutAlert, visit:

Jefferson County website 

City and County of Broomfield website 

City of Westminster website (both Adams County & Jefferson County portions)

Participating Agencies

Arvada Fire Protection District

Arvada Police Department

City and County of Broomfield, including

  • Broomfield Emergency Communications Center
  • Broomfield Police Department

Colorado School of Mines Police

Edgewater Police Department

Elk Creek Fire Protection District

Evergreen Fire Rescue

Fairmount Fire Department

Foothills Fire Protection District

Genesee Fire Protection District

Golden Fire Department

Golden Gate Fire Protection District

Golden Police Department

Highland Rescue Team

Indian Hills Fire Rescue

Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District


Jefferson County

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Lakeside Police Department

Lakewood Police Department

Morrison Police Department

Mountain View Police Department

North Fork Fire Protection District

North Metro Fire Rescue District

Pleasant View Fire Department

West Metro Fire Protection District

City of Westminster, including

  • Westminster Emergency Communications Center
  • Westminster Fire Department
  • Westminster Police Department

Wheat Ridge Police Department

* LookoutAlert is funded by the Jefferson County Emergency Communications Authority (911 Authority Board)

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