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Take Care of Yourself To Make the Most of the Season!


Winter Self Care

Alice Carmody

After moving to Colorado in 1993 and working at a title company, I pursued a career in real estate...

After moving to Colorado in 1993 and working at a title company, I pursued a career in real estate...

Jan 27 6 minutes read

Winter is all about curling up in your warm blanket, relishing a cup of coffee, sunny afternoon picnics and so much more! All this becomes more fun if you’re at the top of your health! Don’t forget to keep a tab on your health and follow Covid appropriate behavior. Here are a few simple winter self-care tips that will keep you in good form this winter so that you can make the most of this season.

1. Layer up your woolens smartly

Is it very cold outside? Get your woolens out to keep yourself warm. Woolen and flannel-based clothes can keep you warm and prevent you from catching a cold. If you are travelling, then carry an extra jacket/shrug/cardigan and a woolen cap with you so that you can slip into them if the temperature drops. Layering clothes during winter should be done carefully so that your clothes are not very tight and uncomfortable on your body. This can otherwise affect blood circulation.

2. Sip warm beverages

Keep yourself warm and hydrated by sipping some hot water, golden latte (turmeric milk), herbal tea, fresh home-made soups etc. Choose healthier homemade preparations over packaged drinks and pre-mixes. 

3.  Draw yourself a warm bath

Does the thought of taking a shower on a cold winter morning seem unpleasant? A warm bath is a good way to stay in good shape this winter. Maintain good personal hygiene during winter to keep away from skin infections and other health problems.

4.  Exercise daily

Exercise more this winter to build stronger muscles and keep your body warm. When you work out in winter, your body burns more calories than usual to generate heat and warm the body. You can opt for a brisk walking or indoor exercises, yoga, zumba etc., depending on your health needs.  Not just that, exercising daily in winter also improves blood circulation and strengthens your immune system. This is also a great way to lift up your energy levels and mood.

5.  Moisturize your skin

This advice applies to both men and women – because grooming oneself in winter is supremely important! Winter is a very dry season. So naturally, the cold air draws out the moisture from your skin. That is why your skin feels flaky and itchy in winters. If you do not moisturize and hydrate your skin, soon your skin may appear dull and dry. How can you prevent this? Simply invest in a good moisturizer and follow a good skin care routine. You can purchase a bottle of coconut/sesame/olive oil or you could opt for moisturizing body lotions- whichever suits the needs of your skin.

6.  Drink plenty of water

We don’t feel very thirsty in winters and often forget to drink water. But this is not wise, because, without water, your airways and sinuses become vulnerable to infections like cough and cold. Always stay hydrated and drink plenty of water! Put a reminder on your phone if you tend to forget!

7.  Eat smart

Do you eat processed food? If yes, then you need to control this urge during winters. Since chances of falling sick increase in winters, unhealthy eating can weaken your immune system and make you feel low. So eat healthily, consume winter-specific vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and beetroot to keep yourself hale and hearty!

8. More Sunlight

Winter time is usually accompanied by less sunlight, this leads to people getting less sunlight overall when coupled with the fact that most people spend less time outdoors. Lower exposure to sunlight can lead to depressive symptoms as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Additionally, the body is not able to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin D unless you are exposed to sunlight. This winter, make sure to go outside and get some sunlight, and if required, speak with your doctor about vitamin D supplements.  

9. Fix Your Sleep Routine  

Due to less sunlight, the body begins to produce more and more melatonin as the season progresses, this hormone is responsible for making you feel sleepy. To avoid feeling tired and sleepy throughout the winter, ensure that your sleep schedule is fixed with 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Avoid oversleeping, as this can also have negative effects on your mood and health.  

10. Socialize

Being isolated and alone can lead to negative mental health effects as well as cause long term effects on the brain. Meet with your family members, hang out with friends and play some board games together. This can help you combat any winter blues and keep your mind sharp. If you find yourself facing mental health issues, speak with a professional or reach out to someone you trust for help. Winter self-care isn’t only about being physically healthy but also about taking care of your mind.

Stay healthy with these winter self-care tips  so that you can always enjoy that winter breeze, your favorite hot cup and make the most of this beautiful season!.

11. Use Room Heaters Cautiously

Take care of ventilation of your rooms while using heaters. Do not burn anything in closed spaces for heating. People with breathing difficulties (asthma, COPD, pneumonia) need to take special care. Follow all safety measures while using any appliance. 

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